Cases you will see in MRCS exam


LONG: V.V.– Ischemia– PTS– Diabetic foot.
SHORT: V.V.– Ischemia– PTS– Diabetic foot– Venous ulcer– AVF –Lymphedema –Amputation.
RARE SHORT: UL pulses- Aortic/ popliteal aneurysm– SVC obst.– neuropathic ulcer– subclavian steel syndrome– cong. AVF– Thoracic outlet/cervical rib– Osler Weber rendu S– Raynaud’sKlippel Trenauny S– Hyperhydrosis– Temporal arthritis.

LONG: Abdomen → CLD– HSM– Jaundice– Abdominal mass (usually, RIF, LIF, Lumbar or Epigastric)– Epigastric Hernia/mass.
SHORT: Groin hernia (Inguinal/Femoral)– epigastric H– incisional H– PUH– varicocele– vag. hydrocele– encysted hydrocele of cord–Epididymal cyst (including spermatocele)– undescended testis– testicular tumor– Pilonidal sinus.
RARE SHORT: Spegelian H. – Stoma– Peutz Jhegar– Crohn’s– Pleural eff.

LONG: Spine– Hip– Knee.
SHORT: Specific Knee (e.g, stability or effusion)– Specific Hip– Specific spine– Rheumatoid Hand– Ulnar n.inj.– Median n.inj./carpal tunnel– Radial n.inj.– Combined n.inj (ulnar+median)– Hallux valgus/bunion– Shoulder–
RARE SHORT: Elbow– Ankle– Dupuytren– Volkman– Osteoarthritis of hand– External fixators– Ant.knee swelling– Post.knee swelling– Trigger/Mallet finger– Erb– Klumpke– claw toe– hammer toe– Paget– pes cavus (+) – ankylosing sponyolitis– Exostosis– rupture biceps– charcot– winging scapula– acromegaly.

LONG: Breast– Thyroid– Parotid– Submand. gl./L.N. – Neck (N/mass)
SHORT: Lipoma (esp, back– thigh)– Dermoid cyst– Sebaceous cyst– ganglion– Neck (N/L.N.)– Parotid– Submandibular gl./L.N. – rhinophyma.
RARE SHORT: Neck mass (thyroglossal cyst, branchial cyst/fistula/sinus (+) , carotid body t., pharyngeal pouch, cystic hygroma)– pyogenic granuloma– skin tag– seborrhic keratosis– H.suppurativa– skin tumor (SCC,BCC, malign.melanoma)– naevus– hemangioma– neurofibroma– Dermatofibroma– keloid– hypertrophic scar– keratoacanthoma– boil– carbuncle– ulcer–.

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